Libraries play a fundamental role in enhancing the learning experience, providing students with all the materials and services they need to improve their knowledge. Our institute library typically provides access to old collection of books and e-books, in addition to the books related to each and every department.

Unlike most public libraries, the library of our institute has always been filled with an incredibly wide variety of books, including works of literature and non-fiction so that we can engage students with learning in many ways. We help students to learn the best ways to access and use quality information and resources, help them to enhance their study and research skills and explain how to use the latest technologies to enhance their learning. Access and convenience are our top priorities for institute library which provides access to many newspapers, magazines, journals and articles. E-books and other online tools are also offered by our institute.

Almost every student goes to the library at some point, either daily, weekly or in midterms. They sit and do group study and discuss and prepare for projects, exams and other assignments.

Students can get the books on library-card for as much time as they want and can return the books at the end of the semester. Moreover our institute library have both academic and non-academic resources available for the students. Therefore, they can get extra study material based on their curriculum and can also enjoy reading stuff which is not related to their courses. We have sufficient number of books, journals and e-journals to meet the norms of AICTE. In this regard, we have had the support of ONGC under the CSR Scheme.

Library Rules

  • No Bags/ Handbags/ Raincoats/ Jerkins/ Casual Wears/ Printed Materials will be allowed inside the Library. Note Books, and Laptops (without bags) however, may be allowed.
  • Students should Keep Silence in the Library. Mobile Phones should be kept in "Silent Mode" while using Library.
  • A Book will be issued for 15 days only. However, issued books may be recalled earlier, if urgently required by the Library.
  • Maximum number of Books that can be issued is 2.
  • Periodicals and Reference Books will not be issued and may be consulted only in the Library.
  • A Book must be returned in the same condition in which it was issued.
  • Absence from the Institute will not be accepted as an excuse for the delay in returning of books.
  • No reminders will be given to individual defaulters, but a consolidated list of defaulters will be displayed on the NOTICE BOARD.
  • Books/Old Magazines will be issued to Identity Card holders only.
  • In case of marking / underlining of books, the cost of the latest edition of the book will be charged from the student.
  • Any violation of the above Rules shall attract disciplinary action.
Manju Gulati
Manju Gulati
Asstt. Librarian